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Concept by Pablo Delcan. Photo illustration by Jamie Chung. Prop styling by Anna Surbatovich. Astro-logical commentary by Elisabeth Grace. The Moon is in Pisces and emotions are on the rise. This is a significant activation for the United States. In the U. Mars-Neptune square.

This is the part of the U. Mars is in Gemini for the perfect American Dream the U. Neptune is in Virgo. Avid Readers will recall that many many many heavy players in U. Mars-Neptune square is also activated. Mike Pence has Mercury how he needs to think and communicate at 21 Gemini. Modern Russia has the Sun at 21 Gemini. Coincidence or conspiracy? Is it being activated by this Full Moon or other planetary patterns? Meanwhile, even P45 is reflecting planetary patterns — in general and in his own horoscope.

This week he and Melania announced an initiative to ban all flavored e-cigarettes because six people have died and hundreds have apparently been sickened by toxic contaminents. Toxins and other drugs are oh-so Mars-Jupiter-Neptune. So is befuddlement and memory loss. Last week, he reinvented the weather, armed with a Sharpie, a cat video and a tweet at midnight — — after sending Alabama into a panic. Yes, there is. In effect for the past few months and exact on October 1st, we see a measurment between the Ascendant and Plut o. Keywords for Pluto include empowerment, transformation, breakdown and decay.

An upside potential of this measurement is successful persuasion projecting the power potential of Pluto on the public, for better or for worse. Another measurement in effect for the past few months and exact on September 27 is between Venus and Neptune. It also refers to his professional status. How do Venus and Neptune combine? Upside: the creation of an aesthetic ideal or romance.

Downside: Neptune denies material form, seeking to dissolve whatever it touches. Neptune suggests illusion. Upside: inspiring and intuitive visionary communicator. Downside potential: snake oil salesman; fanciful; delusional; confusing. Total Neptune delusion. Neptune in his horoscope refers to matters of shared values and investments.

Robert Hand opines that transiting Neptune squaring Uranus can reflect sudden mood swings, secrets outed, having to face the truth about a difficult aspect of oneself — or about the world in general. In , transiting Neptune will be exact or quite close to a square to his Sun-Moon opposition for the next two years.

Wherever he is during that time span may recall the weirdness of his birther conspiracy campaign. In the near-term future — i. We can anticipate similarly expansive and persuasive actions from P45 in last ten days of October. Enough about P Look at all these cool and uplifting stories compiled on the Good News Network — yayyyy! The Moon is void in Aquarius all day, seeking ways to network and be of social significance.

So yesterday was September 11th, and it was the 11th anniversary of an act of violence that stunned the world and resulted in the loss of thousands of lives. Then I noted someone on Facebook opining that on every September 11th since, all of America gets very patriotic, while New Yorkers just get somber and quiet. What I remember about That Day was how quiet the city became in the aftermath. We gathered at night in public places, needing the support of community.

We gave up our defensive edges. We slowed down. Drivers did not honk their horns. We approached each other with such loving kindness — back then — perhaps because we were all so conscious of our collective shock and grief. Everyone seemed to know someone who knew someone who had died…or was at Ground Zero and escaped, covered in ash…or was supposed to be there, but Fate intervened, and they missed their train or their appointment in the city was canceled or whatever.

Point is, we all had a story to tell…and a connection to this experience that connected us to each other. We were able to see ourselves in each other. Time passes…it heals wounds…and we forget. And often, we forget the connection. Separation — which is an illusion — creeps back in. We racing to get here, there, everywhere. We get impatient with each other and start honking our horns again…or worse. Even though we may forget. I thought about where he was at in his life — working behind a counter for probably not much more than minimum wage — and I wondered what his dreams might be at this nascent stage of his career.

And as we were discussing the comparative merits of the caffeinated beverages offered at this fine establishment, I found myself telling him what a great job he was doing, and that I was certain his attitude and attentive presence would take him very far in life. I closed with:. A tough choice, for sure. The Odetta version opens with a passage written by Marianne Williamson that may give you chills…. I did not know that…until now. If your Monday is feeling out of focus, or subject to a surprising twist or flake, it reflects the Moon being void of course , as of AM ET.

If you are new to this forecast welcome! When the Moon enters a new sign, think of that as the launch of the pinball into the game. It moves forward after a direct application of force, right? Then it bounces off the bumpers in the game, which is comparable to the Moon as it makes contact with other planets.

Eventually the pinball hits a bumper and falls back to the bottom of the machine, right? And when it falls, it has a different kind of energy, yes? And sometimes the pinball gets stuck on the side of the machine and you have to shake the machine to get the ball moving again, yes? This is my analogy for understanding the energy of the Moon when it is void of course. Often you need a push to get going.

So we have a drive to make things happen, acquire status and climb to the top of the mountain — potentially without specific focus. Your day may wander off course, and if a crisis erupts, do your best to roll with it and chill! Moon will be relaunched into Aquarius at PM ET , suggesting a focus on networking, being of social signicance and hanging with your bestie. The news will be back later this week. A Scorpio Moon needs knowledge for the sake of power and control, and with a high-functioning Mercury how we need to think activated all week by contacts with other planets, that Scorpio need for substance is not likely to be disappointed.

This may be a week for forming powerful alliances and channeling ginormous ideals that may be divine…or delusional. We may be privy to an excess of nitty-gritty detail. No Air Signs in a horoscope can suggest an aversion to frivolus chitchat, and the use of words carefully employed for the sake of utility and strategy. When I look at the patterns of planets on paper for the week, I see wave after wave after wave.

Apply these patterns to your quest for personal world domination, even if the bigger world around you seems to be falling apart. Laser-beam precision in thought and action is suggested in the morning, as high-functioning Mercury in Virgo meets up with action hero Mars at AM ET. Use that action-oriented Mars drive for a worthy crusade. From then until early evening, the Scorpio Moon chats up four planets in the solar system: Mars, Mercury, Sun and Saturn. The seeds that were planted in that chart may develop in synch with the rush of planetary action described above.

Regardless, experience has shown that the Sabian Symbol for a New Moon is curiously reflected in news throughout the lunar cycle. It was originally expected to reach landfall in Florida on Monday morning. This was the planetary forecast:. Dorian had slowed to a stall over the Bahamas — and lingered there all day — inflicting wretchedly excessive aggression — and all night! And, true to what we would expect during a long Moon void, Dorian has lost steam, with wind speeds now half of what they were as a former Cat 5, which left the Freeport airport — and much of the islands — completely under water, as you can see from this tweeted image.

Meanwhile, in the United States it appears that Dorian may hug the coasts in Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia — instead of crossing land. In Odessa, Texas seven people were killed and many more were wounded when a man who happened to have an assault rifle in his car was pulled over by police on a traffic stop. Ohhh…just a Scorpio Sun driven by a regal drama king Moon in Leo , possibly squaring an exact meet-up between a possibly fanatical Mars in Scorpio and Neptune. Astrology is amazing. The U. Unlike their governmental adversary, the protestors do not have a central leadership, which makes it more challenging for the government to control.

Thousands of citizens took to the streets in protest, as if they realized something precious was at stake and were willing to step out of their comfort zone and fight for it. In the United States a protest march is on the calendar. Guess what happened?? Ten years later, I continue to be astonished that it does. Perhaps you can connect me with an excellent editor. Yes, I would be delighted to talk to you about your own unique horoscope.

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We had a remarkable Earth Grand Trine back in March — and another one at the end of September During the first two weeks of September, there will be more big big big practically everything, as the Virgo Trio — joined by Mercury — will square Jupiter and oppose Neptune. Three days of salt air and sandy beaches; starry nights in a quaint old inn with no TV — I could have stayed for a month.

The third night featured a thunderstorm that downed trees and power lines.

The Hit List – Marriage Rules

That and watching ospreys dive for fish provided plenty enough drama. If you know the degree of your Ascendant. Because that transit is often energizing, symbolizing a new cycle of development. Two days earlier, Venus crossed his Ascendant. This transit suggests strong potential for receiving love and affection. They love him like he is the second coming of God.

All of the planets that have left — or are about to leave — Leo for Virgo will activate his 0 degree Uranus.

Learning Curve on the Ecliptic: Saturday and Sundry Thoughts: Bernie Sanders' Astrology &

Translation: activation of an intense need for assertive independence. He really should be making waves now and over the next several months, as the energy of a 10, volt cattleprod opposes his 4 degree regal Leo Ascendant in the form of transiting rebel Uranus. A fresh start or a break in a personal relationship? A geographic relocation? Pluto and Saturn are also activating points in the horoscope that refer to professional status and family of origin, suggesting transformation and streamlining for the sake of empowerment.

Jupiter is active, too; as it has been in touch with his natal Jupiter and Uranus this year, we see the potential for a fortuitous return on an investment. How fascinating that the most recent news article in a quick Google search is about the success of his investment firm. Who knew? Also big — and involving travel, oceans, healing and visions: 16 year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg is due to arrive in New York tomorrow.

September 21st is the date of the third Jupiter-Neptune square. Greta is a Capricorn , driven by a Moon in Capricorn. Sign up here to receive these insightful forecasts by email. To schedule a personal consultation about your unique horoscope, drop me a line here. The thought of having a family is something very desirable. The July 16 astrology analysis predicts that when it comes to money and a profession, a Cancer personality is usually very devoted to securing a stable home front.

The right job can only be one that provides care for others, as you like to help people. You naturally feel the need to help people. On the other hand, you are creative and could pursue a career that has significance to the arts. The July 16 birthday characteristics show that you can live a lavish life but prefer to live a modest and debt-free life. Money in the bank is more important to you than blowing it on frivolous things. Professional health care advice would be to go and see one. While you do not like visiting the doctor, it can be a lifesaver.

Normally, those born on July 16 are healthy individuals, but a yearly physical would be beneficial, as we do not always have symptoms of diseases that can have damaging effects. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Even the way you think can cause adverse reactions in your bodily functions. When you have time alone, Cancer should look forward and not to the past. Dwelling in troublesome and unchanging situations gets you nowhere mentally but physically; you could end up going to the doctor unwillingly.

Test Now! The July 16th birthday personality traits show that you can read people. This quality suggests that you are a person that is mysterious. Those born on this day are Cancer birthday personalities you like being in love. Even in love, you still need your privacy. Being somewhat of an introvert, you still want to help people. With your passion projects and partnerships percolating, you won't have much time to touch down at home base. But domestic matters take the stage in January and August, when a pair of eclipses may bring a move, renovations or quality time with family.

Your relationship with your mother, a child, or a female relative is in the spotlight. By the end of the year, a golden era for partnerships will begin. Taking care of business!

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You may need to breathe through a few "What have I gotten myself into? Take those complex feelings to the gym, the yoga mat, the meditation altar, the spiritual healer Bring on the dynamic duos! The good news: Tough Saturn has ended a three-year trek through your opposite sign of Sagittarius, a challenging cycle that put your partnerships to the test. And in November, lucky Jupiter arrives, attracting exciting growth and long-term prospects. But your work's not done: Saturn is now in your eighth house of intimacy, teaching your tough but crucial lessons about how relationships are built to last.

Prepare to face any fears and trust issues, clearing the path for happily-ever-after through hard work and humility. New work opportunities arise this year, as enterprising Jupiter visits your diligent sixth house. You're learning to delegate, organize and run life like a well-oiled machine.

Bored or between gigs? You might just take an interim "bridge job" to pay the bills while you figure out your next moves. July's eclipse in your money house could bring an exciting opportunity—a good reason not to rush into anything too permanent! With studious Saturn in your long-term wealth zone, it's time to learn more about investing, real estate and passive income.

You could get serious about paying off debt and building a nest egg. Lunges, squats and Burpees, oh my! Expansive Jupiter is in your sixth house of health and fitness, pushing you to make wellness an adventure. Clean eating and plenty of movement are the stars' prescription for happiness—and all the better if you can run around outdoors!

Fresh air and nature will reset you , and with innovative Uranus starting an eight-year visit to your holistic and mystical twelfth house this May, contemplative time near water can soothe your soul. Sift through your inner circle—and tighten the borders a bit. Stern Saturn and shadowy Pluto in your intimate eighth house reveals the leakers and haters in your midst.

Have you been too quick to trust? A few loyalty tests wouldn't hurt, Gemini. Fascinating new friends could pop up, both locally and from afar, thanks to four of this year's eclipses that draw inspiring kindred spirits your way. A new era of romance and self-expression has arrived. Relationships are the key theme of for you, Crab—and that could be music to your nurturing heart. In fact, you could be quite the entertainer during this festive and flamboyant year, which grants you cosmic permission to make fun your top priority. As adults, we forget to play, but that raw and in-the-moment creativity is where true happiness comes from.

Not all partnerships will be easy-breezy, though. Some will take hard work and might even need structural repair. You could part ways or take some time apart to explore where your paths still converge. Or, you might move into a serious commitment for business or love. Cupid calling! Get ready for a major year of growth in the game of love. Expansive Jupiter spends most of the year in your passionate fifth house, bringing lusty new attractions and blessing you with the It factor. But it won't stay casual for long with serious Saturn in your committed relationship house until Longtime couples could be tested, possibly by an outside attraction or a need to prioritize romance again.

Unpredictable Uranus finally wraps its seven-year tour of your career house in May making one last pit stop in before moving on for good. Your professional path will finally start to see traction and you can start settling into a more stable groove. But you might enjoy going indie, as Uranus enters your technology zone, setting the stage for a virtual, work-from-anywhere business. Four eclipses in your money houses will bring new opportunities to earn, invest and merge for mutual gain. July's eclipse in Cancer could spark a solo venture, while Saturn in your partnership zone could bring a heavy-hitting collaborator your way.

Free at last! Weighty Saturn just spent the last three years in your sixth house of wellness, making it hard to find the time and energy for fitness. A health issue may have forced you to restructure your lifestyle or change your eating and exercise habits. With Saturn gone, balance and vitality are restored. The July 12 Cancer solar eclipse could bring a big energy surge and even a bold new look. Last year was heavily focused on family, as Jupiter toured your domestic sector. You could begin adapting to changes: maybe a new home, a relocation, or an addition to the family.

In February and August, eclipses in your real estate sector could bring a property sale. Midyear, your social life could get an extreme makeover, as innovative Uranus enters your eleventh house of group activity. You'll be drawn to cutting-edge communities and pioneering people, both in-person and online. You could even get involved in local politics or collaborate for a cause.

This year is strong in both the public AND the private sectors of your life, bringing a heady mix of influence and introversion. Smile for your close-up, perform for your fans—then head for your dressing room, stat! No eyesight-protecting paper goggles will be necessary this year, but there ARE two more eclipses in your sign in January and August that could catapult you onto a completely new path. You could move, buy property or spend more time at Chateau Leo.

Connecting with your roots especially female relatives will strengthen your emotional security. For some Lions, a cub could join the pride sometime this year. Maybe baby? Your relationships are shifting, along with your priorities, as we enter the second year of a seismic series of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius. From to , you're going through major personal transformations, which will alter your entire approach to partnership. Eclipses bring surprising and swift events. You could make a quick exit from a romance that's run its course or you might rush off to City Hall and tie the knot.

Even rock-steady duos will go through a big growth phase. To top that off, in November, expansive Jupiter starts a month visit to your passionate fifth house. One thing's certain: Love will be anything but business as usual in ! Ambitious frontiers await! Mid-May, revolutionary Uranus starts an eight-year visit to Taurus and your professional tenth house—its first time here in 77 years.

Between now and , you could explore a few wildly different career paths. Your work may involve technology or uniting people around a world-bettering cause. This year's two Leo eclipses thrust you into the spotlight, possibly without notice. Keep your glam squad on call! But it won't be all red carpets and rave reviews. Taskmaster Saturn is in your administrative sixth house for the next three years, demanding that everything you do is set up on a rock-solid foundation. There's no cutting corners on the important stuff, so engage a team of savvy specialists instead of doing everything DIY.

Feel it to heal it? This year's stars spotlight your emotional well-being, helping you become sound of mind, body and heart. Jupiter in your sensitive fourth house will prioritize downtime and self-care. Meantime, structured Saturn is in your health and fitness zone until , forcing you to get regimented and reduce stress. Regular exercise and healthy eating are your new non-negotiables.

You'll need to say "no" a Leo's least favorite word! This could prove harder than it sounds, but set your FOMO aside in the name of your own health and happiness. July's Cancer eclipse could be the perfect time for spiritual healing or a retreat near water. Your clan takes center stage this year, as bountiful Jupiter visits Scorpio and your fourth house of home and family until November. This transit could bring a move, a pregnancy or a long-overdue renovation that turns Chateau Leo into everyone's favorite crash pad.

Your relationship with your mother, a child or a female relative could go through an important evolution. While there will be a few growing pains, your bond should get tighter by the end of this year. Get ready to welcome people from all walks of life into your orbit and to do some nomadic traveling during the second half of the year. Hermit no more! In , you could be a surprising fixture on the social scene, or just in the mood to pop up on social media and at events to meet and mingle.

Things you don't know about... Being a psychic

Looking for a new place to call home? Artists and makers could start getting serious about their craft. Work with a mentor, agent or public space where you can start showing your talents and wares. Invest in your own marketing and media materials so the world can find out just how awesome you are! Your love life won't be the main event this year, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun!

With expansive Jupiter in your social third house, single Virgos will enjoy lighthearted flirting and fun dates. Check out the options before you commit. Coupled Virgos can keep the sparks lit by exploring new hobbies, getting involved in your community and mingling in fresh scenes. Another reason not to rush? Serious Saturn will spend the next three years in your romantic fifth house, making you even more picky—er, discerning—than you already are. Get your message to the masses! With outspoken Jupiter in your communication sector until November, writing, teaching and media are your sweet spots in No more hiding—your brilliant ideas can change people's lives.

Is it time to rebrand the Virgo empire with sleek graphics and fresh tag lines? Tech-savvy Uranus moves into your ninth house of publishing and global connections this May, staying for eight years.

Astrology for News Junkies

From memes to Medium, the internet is your canvas. But skip the fluff if you want to go viral. With mature Saturn in your creativity zone until , only a polished performance will build your loyal fan base. The Buddha said it best: "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. Curate a positivity playlist of audiobooks , podcasts , and TED talks. Then pop in those earbuds and get metaphysical while you get physical. Watch what comes out of your mouth, too. Words really do have the power to shape your reality—now more than ever. Platonic friendships are the ice cream and the cherry on top of your With adventurous Jupiter in your social and open-minded third house until November, you'll meet kindred spirits from all corners of the world.

Soak up synergy with people from wildly different backgrounds and put your heads together on a joint project or two. You could get involved in your neighborhood, possibly around an activist or community-improvement effort. That is, if you stay in one place long enough to put down roots. In November, Jupiter dives into your domestic fourth house, putting home and family matters front and center. Until then, mix and mingle away! Exploring sex, sensuality, and spirituality could become new fascinations.

Hello, Libra on fire!

Jupiter Trine Ascendant Transit

This boost will begin with your paycheck, but by the second half of the year, it will have a ripple effect through all your relationships. Exploring sex, sensuality, and spirituality could become new fascinations for some Libras, as you fearlessly own your desires, from the sacred to the profane. Midyear, you could rise to powerful new career heights. Home and family could bring a few growing pains, though. You might decide to downsize or get serious about putting down roots and perhaps becoming a homeowner.

Confidence is irresistible —and you'll start having that in spades this year, as Jupiter visits your second house of self-worth. You're attracted to security and could meet a stable partner. Someone you may have considered "boring" now seems like a great catch and probably is!